Tailored By Technology



    Designed By You


How It Works

Step 1

Fit It

Our easy to use iPhone app scans your feet in a matter of minutes

Step 2

Design It

Personalize your look from a range of shoe styles, colors, and leathers.

Step 3

Own It

Your custom-fit shoes ($450/per pair) will be delivered to your door within 4 weeks.

Our fit guarantee

Our shoes are guaranteed to fit, if not, we'll remake them!

We have shoes down to a science

Wear heels like never before - in comfort! Our technology brings your dream shoes to life and guarantees the best possible fit for each foot.

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Fit is our fixation. We analyze each scan to collect hundreds of measurements, allowing us to create the ideal fit for you.

98% of women have different sized feet! We make your left and right shoes independently, giving you a true fit.

Premiere Collection

If you’re a first time customer, start with one of these five shoe styles  

Exclusive Collection

Once a True Gault customer, our entire collection becomes available to you  

The true gault difference

Guaranteed Fit

No two feet are alike. We pride ourselves on making sure every foot is happy, one shoe at a time. If something’s wrong with your fit, don’t panic! We have trained Shoe-ologists ready to gather your feedback and remake your heels at no additional cost

From Spain To Your Doorstep

All of our shoes are handmade to order in Spain, using the finest of European fabrics. From the moment your order is placed, our team works to bring you your optimal fit as quickly as possible – usually within 4 weeks.

Our Fit Formula

Our patented fit formula uses key measurements to guarantee a great fit. With thousands of feet already scanned, we’re getting smarter and faster by the minute. We’re the digital cobbler of the future!

Highest Quality Material

We use only the finest European fabrics, and together with our expert craftsmanship, we don’t cut corners. All of our shoes are handmade in Spain - you can see & feel the True Gault difference. Our shoes are beautifully made, and just for you.

Our Happy Customers

Irena P.

“I never had more compliments on one pair of shoes. And they fit like a glove.“

Beth Anne N.

“I was close to giving up wearing high heels. Now True Gault's are the only shoes I want to wear.“

Sarah T.

“True Gault shoes made my day even more special. I wore them all day and my feet felt great.“